InnoTech Associates, Inc. has an association of dedicated professionals to commercialize, i.e. conceive, develop, produce and market, technically unique and innovative products. The goal is to replace existing problematic devices with new technologies that resolve the defects, make the operation faster, and require less physical effort.

The “Floating Hitching System” patented technology is the basis of our first product line, the Simple Hitch and accessories. We are presently making the Simple Hitch and related products available to the general public and commercial contractors. As illustrated above, no other known product has the combined capabilities of the Simple Hitch.

Simple Hitch Features:

  • Hitch standing or from tow vehicle
  • Hitch existing trailers
  • Trailer tongue may float
  • Hitch three- or four-wheeled carts
  • Tow trailers with ball hitch
  • Hitch new portable transport with five functions (the PT-5)

The conventional tow-bar/u-tongue system makes it difficult and time consuming to hitch a trailer to any tow vehicle, due to having to bend over and insert the cotter pin in the hitch pin. In addition, the tow bar and u-tongue conventional hitching technique does not practically permit a cart (i.e., a three- or four-wheel transport) to be hitched to a tow vehicle. (See PRODUCT page Figure C.3 and Figures E.7 to E.9 and related discussions for details.)


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