InnoTech Associates, Inc. proudly participated in GMA’s 2015 Georgia Manufacturing Summit, held November 18 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in northwest Atlanta, Georgia.

For the first time anywhere, a hitching system was introduced that incorporated the conventional draw bar/u-tongue and ball hitching systems with the recently-patented floating hitch technology.

The Simple Hitch and accessories were a hit.

What is InnoTech Living all about and what makes it unique?

InnoTech Living is an attitude of life where one is constantly looking for easier and more efficient ways of doing things. New technologies and devices are available that permit the individual to enjoy InnoTech Living. Products are first being provided for lawn & garden activities.

InnoTech Living is special because it permits one to keep doing treasured activities in spite of possible decreases in strength, eyesight and coordination. In addition, it allows many people to do things that they could not do before.