What is InnoTech Living all about and what makes it unique?

InnoTech Living is an attitude of life where one is constantly looking for easier and more efficient ways of doing things. New technologies and devices are available that permit the individual to enjoy InnoTech Living. Products are first being provided for lawn & garden activities.

InnoTech Living is special because it permits one to keep doing treasured activities in spite of possible decreases in strength, eyesight and coordination. In addition, it allows many people to do things that they could not do before.

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What is the first product you will be marketing and what needs will it meet?

The first product is the Simple Hitch and accessories. The Simple Hitch provides the yard & garden worker with a third way of hitching appliances to a towing vehicle, such as a trailer or spreader.

The Simple Hitch is unique in that it allows one to hitch an appliance while standing up, as opposed to the bending required to hitch the conventional towbar and u-tongue hitching system. In addition, it allows one to convert a trailer into a cart by putting a castor wheel on the tongue. This doubles the utilization of the trailer since a trailer cannot be used unless it is hitched to a towing vehicle. A cart can be pushed into the workshop and loaded with equipment to be taken to another location for work. A cart can also be used to offload supplies stored until one is ready to use them.

The conventional u-tongue and towbar hitching technique does not permit a three- or four-wheel cart to be used because it will either create ruts in a lawn or the front wheel will be damaged when an obstacle is hit. The Simple Hitch permits the tongue to “float” so that the castor wheel can ride up and over obstacles or crest of a lawn.

What makes the Simple Hitch different and better than the current hitching device on the market?

The Simple Hitch is a newly-patented technology and it has no competition because nothing else can do what it does. If you want to hitch a trailer to a riding lawnmower while standing up, this is the only device on the market that allows you to do that.

When and where will the Simple Hitch be available for purchase?

The Simple Hitch is available now on the InnoTech Living website and it will be shipped with hardware and instructions for mounting and using. Eventually the Simple Hitch should be available at retail stores that carry lawn & garden equipment.

What other products do you have planned?

The next product will be the PT5 (portable transport with five functions), which replaces the wheelbarrow and dump trailer, while providing cart and mobile work station functions while being able to carry the load of a wagon.

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