InnoTech Associates, Inc. proudly participated in GMA’s 2015 Georgia Manufacturing Summit, held November 18 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in northwest Atlanta, Georgia.

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For the first time anywhere, a hitching system was introduced that incorporated the conventional draw bar/u-tongue and ball hitching systems with the recently-patented floating hitch technology.

The Simple Hitch and accessories were a hit.

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Popular features of the Simple Hitch system are:

  • The ability to hitch a tow bar/u-tongue trailer to a tow vehicle while standing up
  • The fabrication of a cart by attaching a swivel caster to the tongue of a trailer that can be towed without damaging the caster or producing ruts in the lawn
  • The fact that the resulting cart was at least twice as useful as the original trailer
  • The hitching and unhitching of the cart from the seat of a tow vehicle
  • The compatibility of the Simple Hitch with new lawn and garden transports, such as the PT-5 series

Specific details on these features may be found in the Products section of this website.

The Simple Hitch was so named by the first user because it is simple in concept, simple to mount with rudimentary mechanical skills, simple to operate . . . and simply makes lawn & garden chores easier and faster.

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